Jack Barrett

Jack at work along the line King’s Lynn to Hunstanton

Jack at home in Wolferton with 2 of his 5 prized goats

Linesman Jack Jubilee Barrett
Born 1897 (Queen Victoria’s Jubilee Year)

Education Heacham

Jack started as assistant porter at Heacham before coming to live in Wolferton.  After his marriage he became a linesman checking points and rail fixings.  Covering Kings Lynn  to Hunstanton.  One of his duties was to lay the red carpet to the station door before each royal visit.  Retired whilst at Wolferton in 1962.

Mr Barrett ‘Departed’ in 1971

Information supplied by his daughter
Joan Doughty of South Wootton

Jack’s home at Wolferton pictured on the left.
One of four cottages built by the Great Eastern Railway Company
known as ‘ Railway Villa’s ‘

The other two Railway Villa’s as they are today pictured here in 2010