Aubrey Redington

Aubrey Reddington 1926 – 1990

Mrs Virginia Redington March 2009

Signalman Aubrey Redington
Born 1926 at Terrington St Clement

Aubrey Redington started on the old M&GN line for L.N.E.R as a Station Porter in 1940 at Sutton Bridge. He became a Signalman in 1948 starting at Wisbech before moving back to Sutton Bridge, then moving on to Clenchwarton, North Wootton and Wolferton until barrier fitment and closure of the Signalbox in 1967. Went on to work at Magdelan Road and finally the Signalbox at King’s Lynn until his ‘Departure’ in 1990.

Information supplied by his wife Mrs Virginia Redington of Kings Lynn